HTC One M9 Review and discount code offer

Taking up the reins of HTC’s flagship smartphone in 2015, the HTC One M9 had a lot to live up to.

The One M8 was regarded by many as a near perfect phone and therefore it wasn’t necessary for HTC to completely rehaul anything as much as tweak it to create the M9.

So what are the big differences? Well HTC threw in a new camera, larger battery and a new processor. It is easy to see these areas of improvement in the handset but the most notable is really the phone’s aesthetic.

The One M9 has a ‘jewelry-grade’ two-tone finish that is reportedly hand-finished by craftsmen and the result is a beautiful and stylish metallic offering. If you are after a top of the range smartphone that is equally as appealing to look at, as it is to use then this is the phone for you!

Where the M8 was curved, the M9 now has a ridged edge and this makes holding and using it feel a lot more comfortable and safer. The issue that a lot of people have with curved phones is that they tend to slip or feel at risk when being held in one hand and the M9 avoids this.


It is also interesting that HTC have stuck with an HD screen rather than jumping on the 2K bandwagon like other companies have. Of course we all know that 2K screens have two times as much resolution as HD but what HTC are quite correctly implying is that it isn’t going to make any difference on a screen of 5-inches, in fact if you didn’t know it you’d be very hard pressed to tell the difference.

The One M9 is a great update on everything the M8 got right, making it well worth looking into if you are considering an upgrade.